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11 Oktober 2010 9:04 PTG

When Monkey Love Cat


When Monkey Love Cat? A long tailed macaque monkey adopts a kitten in the forests of Bali, Indonesia
A young long tailed macaque monkey has been spotted in a forest protectively nuzzling and grooming a ginger kitten and making sure no harm came to it. The extraordinary sight was captured by amateur photographer Anne Young while on holiday at 
the Monkey Forest Park, in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia
During the remarkable moments the monkey would become agitated if Anne ventured too near to take pictures and at one point used a huge leaf to try and cover the kitten from view
The monkey was even wary of other macaques and would not allow other young males to get too close
Throughout the session the kitten enjoyed the attention being lavished on it by its protective carer and made no effort to leave
The reserve is inhabited by about 340 monkeys in four groups. It is considered sacred by locals and visited by about 10,000 tourists each month
It is not known how the cat came to be in the company of the macaques

source: <matrock_e1@yahoo.commahligai subscriber

8 Comments On "When Monkey Love Cat"

11 Oktober 2010 6:25 PG

comelnya monyet tu dukung kucing..

meowwmania Says:
11 Oktober 2010 10:34 PTG

so suwiittt...

anis Says:
12 Oktober 2010 12:13 PG

aritu kt u anis pown jd cmni..
ada sekor monyet tu pegang anak kucing..
dia x bg org dekat..
asyik je dia cari kutu kucing tu..

byk kali dh la jd cmtu...
huhu, monyet pown taw kasih syg antra makhluk...(^_^)

Nur Misnan Says:
14 Oktober 2010 6:04 PG

salam... ohhhhhh so sweettt...
love d pic.. Thanks for sharing here

Fuziani JSR Says:
16 Oktober 2010 9:08 PG

Nice pic... i like it.

mumumeow Says:
2 November 2010 5:32 PG

so sweeeettttt.... =)

Miss Dee Says:
3 Januari 2011 6:36 PTG

xtau kenapa..rasa sayu tengok monyet tu dukung anak kucing
something cross my mind: kenapa ada certain manusia sanngup buang anak dlm tong sampah, tapi monyet ni sanggup jaga kucing yang xda kaitan??

Amy Amira Says:
28 Ogos 2011 3:59 PTG

cayalah...monyet syg kucing...

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